All around the world, denim has a rich history and enduring culture that is ingrained in people's daily lives. Jeans, an essential item of clothing, represent more than just a piece of apparel. Our 'Real Life Project' goes beyond conventional processes; it initiates denim’s transformative journey before the fabric is even processed, incorporating sustainable recycled yarn as part of its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

At REALTEKS, sustainability is our foremost priority. We are equally dedicated to delivering top-quality products and providing effective customer support. Our dedicated team of engineers, workers, and managers at our facilities has achieved remarkable savings: 40% in electricity, 30% in gas, and a remarkable 75% in water. Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained at every level, propelled by our innovative practices, creative endeavors, and the integration of state-of-the-art technology processes. As denim's rich history and enduring culture continue to shape daily lives worldwide, our 'Real Life Project' is a testament to the ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the denim industry.